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 Voltammetric investigation of DNA damage induced by Nitrofurazone and short-lived nitro-radicals with the use of an electrochemical DNA biosensor

Yongnian Ni, Pingping Wang, Serge Kokot

Biosensors and Bioelectronics

2012, 38, 245-251

 One- and two-dimensional GC-MS and HPLC - DAD fingerprints of complex substances, a comparison of classification performance of similar, complex Rhizoma Curcumae samples with the aid of chemometrics

Yongnian Ni. Minghua Mei, Serge Kokot

 Analytica Chimica Acta

2012, 712(27), 37-44

 A novel method for simultaneous analysis of three β2–agonists in foods with the use of a gold-nanoparticle modified glassy carbon electrode and chemometrics

Xiaoyun Lin, Yongnian Ni, Shuzhen Li, Serge Kokot


2012, 137, 2086-2094

 Voltammetric analysis with the use of a novel electro-polymerised graphene-nafion film modified glassy carbon electrode, Simultaneous analysis of noxious nitroaniline isomers

Xiaoyun Lin, Yongnian Ni, Serge Kokot

Journal of Hazardous Materials

2012, 243, 232-241

 Linear-Dendritic Polymeric Amphiphiles as Carriers of Doxorubicin-in Vitro Evaluation of Biocompatibility and Drug Delivery

Zhihua Wu,Xianghui Zeng,Yuning Zhang,Neus Feliu,Pontus Lundberg,Bengt Fadeel,Michael Malkoch,Andreas M. Nyström

Journal of Polymer Science Part A, Polymer Chemistry


 Nanobeads-based rapid magnetic solid phase extraction of trace amounts of leuco-malachite green in Chinese major carps

Liang Guo, Jianwen Zahang, Hua Wei, Weihua Lai, Zoraida P. Aguilar, Hengyi Xu


2012, 97,336-342

 Combined voltammetric and spectroscopic analysis of small molecule - biopolymer interactions, the levodopa and serum albumin system

Qiulan Zhang, Yongnian Ni, Serge Kokot


2012, 88, 524-532

 Simultaneous determination of organophosphorus, organochlorine, pyrethriod and carbamate pesticides in Radix astragali by microwave-assisted extraction/dispersive-solid phase extraction coupled with GC-MS

Xuejin Mao, yiqun Wan, Aiping Yan, Mingyue Shen, Yuanlong Wei


2012, 97, 131-141

 Physicochemical and functional properties of the protein isolate and major fractions prepared from Akebia trifoliata var. australis seed

Yanxue Du, Yan Jiang, Xuemei Zhu, Hua Xiong, Suhua Shi, Juwu Hu, Hailong peng, Qiang Zhou, Wenjing Sun

Food Chemistry



 Enzymatic hydrolysis of rice dreg protein, Effects of enzyme type on the functional properties and antioxidant activities of recovered proteins

Qiang Zhao, Hua Xiong, Cordelia Selomulya, Xiao Dong Chen, Honglan Zhong, Shenqi Wang, Wenjing Sun, Qiang Zhou

Food Chemistry



 Simultaneous multiresidue determination of mycotoxins in cereal samples by polyvinylidene fluoride membrane based dot immunoassay

QingHua He, Yang Xu, Dan Wang, Min Kang, ZhiBing Huang, YanPing Li

Food Chemistry

 2012, 134(2),507-512


  Effect of heat treatment on the potential allergenicity and conformation of egg allergen ovotransferrin

Ping Tong, Jinyan Gao, Hongbing Chen

 Food Chemistry

2012, 131(2),603-610


 Multispectroscopic studies on the interaction of maltol, a food additive, with bovine serum albumin

Guowen Zhang, Yadi Ma, Lin Wang, Yepeng Zhang, Jia Zhou

Food Chemistry

2012, 133(2),264-270


 Mechanistic and conformational studies on the interaction of food dye amaranth with human serum albumin by multispectroscopic methods

  Guowen Zhang, Yadi Ma

Food Chemistry

2013, 136(2),442-449


 Ultra-performance liquid chromatographic separation of geometric isomers of carotenoids and antioxidant activities of 20 tomato cultivars and breeding lines

 Hongyan Li, Zeyuan Deng, Ronghua Liu, Steven Loewen, Rong Tsao

 Food Chemistry

2012,132(1), 508-517


 Microwave-assisted extraction of phenolics with maximal antioxidant activities in tomatoes

 Hongyan Li, Zeyuan Deng, Tao Wu, Ronghua Liu, Steven Loewen, Rong Tsao

 Food Chemistry



 Quantification of total polysaccharides and triterpenoids in Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma atrum by near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

Yi Chen, Mingyong Xie, Hui Zhang, Yuanxing Wang, Shaoping Nie, Chang Li

Food Chemistry

2012, 135(1),268-275


  Multivariate analyses of element concentrations revealed the groupings of propolis from different regions in China

Shangji Gong, Liping Luo, Wei Gong, Yinyu Gao, Mingyong Xie

Food Chemistry

2012, 134(1),583-588


 Physiochemical and oxidative stability of interesterified structured lipid for soft margarine fat containing Δ5-UPIFAs

Xue-Mei Zhu, Jiang-Ning Hu, Cheng-Lian Xue, Jeung-Hee Lee, Jung-Ah Shin, Soon-Taek Hong, Chang-Keun Sung, Ki-Teak Lee

Food Chemistry

2012, 131(2),533-540


 Extraction, characterization and spontaneous gel-forming property of pectin from creeping fig (Ficus pumila Linn.) seeds

Rui-hong Liang, Jun Chen, Wei Liu, Cheng-mei Liu, Wen yu, Min Yuan, Xiao-qing Zhou

Carbohydrate Polymers



  Methylation and 2D NMR analysis of arabinoxylan from the seeds of Plantago asiatica L

Junyi Yin, Huixia Lin, Shaoping Nie, Steve W. Cui, Mingyong Xie

Carbohydrate Polymers

2012, 88(4),1395-1401


  Ultrasonic-assisted extraction, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.) Iljinskaja polysaccharides

Jianhua Xie, Mingyue Shen, Mingyong Xie, Shaoping Nie, Yi Chen, Chang Li, Danfei Huang, Yuanxing Wang

Carbohydrate Polymers

2012, 89(1),177-184


 Structural characterisation of a novel bioactive polysaccharide from Ganoderma Atrum

Hui Zhang, Wenjuan Li, Shaoping Nie, Yi Chen, Yuanxing Wang, Mingyong Xie

Carbohydrate Polymers

2012, 88(3),1047-1054


 Structural characterization of a highly branched polysaccharide from the seeds of Plantago asiatica L

Junyi Yin, Huixia Lin, Jing Li, Yuanxing Wang, Steve W. Cui, Shaoping Nie, Mingyong Xie

Carbohydrate Polymers

2012, 87(4),2416-2424


 Physicochemical and comparative properties of pectins extracted from Akebia trifoliata var. australis peel

Yan Jiang, yanxue Du, Xuemei Zhu, Hua Xiong, Meng Wai Woo, Juwu Hu

Carbohydrate Polymers



 Degradation of high-methoxyl pectin by dynamic high pressure microfluidization and its mechanism

Jun Chen, Rui-Hong Liang, Cheng-mei Liu, Ti Li, Zong-Cai Tu, Jie Wan

Food Hydrocolloids

2012, 28(1), 121-129


 Structure and integrity of liposomes prepared from milk- or soybean-derived phospholipids during in vitro digestion.

Weilin Liu, Aiqian ye, Chengmei Liu, Wei Liu, Harjinder Singh

Food Research International



 Characteristics and antioxidant activities of ovalbumin glycated with different saccharides under heat moisture treatment

Xiaoqin Huang, Zongcai Tu, Hui Xiao, Hui Wang, Lan Zhang, Yueming Hu, Qiuting zhang, Peipei Niu

Food Research International

2012,48(2), 866-872


 Enhancing the oxidative stability of food emulsions with rice dreg protein hydrolysate

Qiang Zhao, Cordelia Selomulya, Shenqi Wang, Hua Xiong, Xiao Dong Chen, Wei Li, Hailong Peng, Jianhua Xie, Wenjing Sun, Qiang Zhou

Food Research International



  Highly pigmented vegetables, Anthocyanin compositions and their role in antioxidant activities

Hongyan Li, Zeyuan Deng, Honghui Zhu, Chanli Hu, Ronghua Liu,J. Christopher Young, Rong Tsao

 Food Research International

2012, 46(1),250-259


 Effect of molecular patch modification on the stability of dynamic high-pressure microfluidization treated trypsin

Wei Liu, Zhao-Qin Zhang, Cheng-Mei Liu, Ming-Yong Xie, Rui-Hong Liang, Jun-Ping Liu, Li-Qiang Zou, jie Wan

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies



 Influence of royal jelly on the reproductive  function of puberty male rats

Anshu Yang, Ming Zhou, Li Zhang, Guoxiu Xie, Hongbing Chen, Zhiyong Liu, Wei Ma

Food and Chemical Toxicology

2012, 50(2),1834-1840


  Antimicrobial properties, antioxidant activity and cytotoxicity of ethanol-soluble acidic components from Ganoderma atrum

Wenjuan Li, Shaoping Nie, Xiaozhen Liu, Hui Zhang, Ying Yang, Qiang Yu, Mingyong Xie

Food and Chemical Toxicology

2012, 50(3-4),689-694


 Solid Phase Excitation-Emission Fluorescence Method for the Classification of Complex Substances, Cortex Phellodendri and Other Traditional Chinese medicines as Examples

Yao Gu, Yongnian Ni, Serge Kokot

Journal of Physical Chemistry A

2012, 116, 8949-8958


 Enrichment and purification of gardenia yellow from Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans Makino by column chromatography technique

Jian-Fang Chen, Gui-Ming Fu,Yin Wan, Cheng-Mei Liu, Jian-Xin Chai, Hong-Ge Li, Jian-Tao Wang, Ming-Hu, Lun-Ning Zhang

Journal of Chromatography B



 Molecularly Imprinted Photonic Hydrogels as Colorimetric Sensors for Rapid and Label-free Detection of Vanillin

Hailong Peng, Shenqi Wang, Zhong Zhang, Hua Xiong, Jinhua Li, Lingxin Chen, and Yanbin Li

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry



 Probing the Binding of the Flavonoid Diosmetin to Human Serum Albumin by Multispectroscopic Techniques

Guowen Zhang, Lin Wang, Junhui Pan

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(10),2721-2729


 Spectroscopic Studies of DNA Interactions with Food Colorant Indigo Carmine with the use of Ethidium Bromide as a Fluorescence Probe

Yadi Ma, Guowen Zhang, Junhui Pan

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60,10867-10875


 Stereospecific Analysis of Triacylglycerol and Phospholipid Fractions of Five Wild Freshwater Fish from Poyang Lake

Lin Lei, Jing Li, Guang-Yan Li, Jiang-Ning Hu, Liang Tang, Rong Liu, Ya-Wei Fan and Ze-Yuan Deng

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60, 1857-1864


 Absorption Mechanism of Ginsenoside Compound K and Its Butyl and Octyl Ester Prodrugs in Caco‑2 Cells

Bing Zhang, Xue-Mei Zhu, Jiang-Ning Hu, Hui Ye, Ting Luo, Xiao-Ru Liu, Hong-Yan Li,Wei Li, Yi-Nan Zheng, and Ze-Yuan Deng.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60, 10278-10284


 Polysaccharide from Seeds of Plantago asiatica L. Increases Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production and Fecal Moisture along with Lowering pH in Mouse Colon

Jielun Hu, Shao-Ping Nie, Fangfang Min, Mingyong Xie

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(45),11525-11532


 Simultaneous Determination of 16 Nucleosides and Nucleobases by Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography and Its Application to the Quality Evaluation of Ganoderma

Yi Chen, Wolfgang Bicker, JunYan Wu, Ming Yong Xie, Wolfgang Lindner.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(17),4243-4252


 Ganoderma atrum Polysaccharide Improves Age-Related Oxidative Stress and Immune Impairment in Mice

Wenjuan Li, Shaoping Nie, Xiaoping Peng, Xiaozhen Liu, Chang Li, Yi Chen, Jingen Li, Wanrui Song, Mingyong Xie

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(6),1413-1418


 Mechanism of Interactions between Calcium and Viscous Polysaccharide from the Seeds of Plantago asiatica L.

Junyi Yin, Shaoping Nie, Jing Li, Chang Li, Steve W. Cui, Ming Yong Xie

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(32),7981-7987


 Selective Solid-Phase Extraction of Sudan I in Chilli Sauce by Single-Hole Hollow Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

 Zhong Zhang, Shoufang Xu, Jinhua Li, Hua Xiong, Hailong Peng, and Lingxin Chen

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry



 Role of reactive oxygen species in the antibacterial mechanism of silver nanoparticles on Escherichia coli O157,H7

Hengyi Xu, Feng Qu, Hong Xu, Weihua Lai, Y. Andrew Wang, Zoraida P. Aguilar, and Hua Wei


2012, 25 (1),45-53


 Spectroscopic studies on the interaction between carbaryl and calf thymus DNA with the use of ethidium bromide as a fluorescence probe

Guowen Zhang, Xing Hu, Peng Fu

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B, Biology

2012, 108,53-61.


 Development of an immunochromatographic strip test for the rapid simultaneous
detection of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in wheat and maize

Zhi-Bing Huang, Yang Xu, Lai-Sheng Li, Yan-Ping Li, Hong Zhang, Qing-Hua He

Food Control

2012, 28(4), 7-12


 Development of a multiplexed PCR assay combined with propidium monoazide treatment for rapid and accurate detection and identification of three viable Salmonella enteric serovars

Youjun Yang, Cuixiang Wan, Hengyi Xu, Weihua Lai, Yonghua Xiong, Feng Xu, Xingyong You, Hong Xu, Zoraida P. Aguilar, Jichang Sun, and Hua Wei

Food Control

2012, 28, 456-462


 Dynamic changes of lactic acid bacteria flora during Chinese sauerkraut fermentation

Tao Xiong, Qianqian Guan, Suhua Song, Mingyu Hao, Mingyong Xie

Food Control



 Aggregation and conformational changes of bovine β-lactoglobulin subjected to dynamic high-pressure microfluidization in relation to antigenicity

 Zhong Junzhen,Liu Wei, Liu Chengmei,Wang Qinghuang, Li  Ti, Tu Zongcai,  Luo  Shunjing, Cai  Xiaofei,Xu Yujia

Journal of Dairy Science

 2012,95(8), 4237-4245


 Maplexins, new α-glucosidase inhibitors from red maple (Acer rubrum) stems

Chunpeng Wan, Tao Yuan, Liya Li, Vamsikrishna Kandhi, Nadja B. Cech, Mingyong Xie,
Navindra P. Seeram

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters



 Dynamic high pressure microfluidization -assisted extraction and antioxidant activities of lentinan

Xiaoqin Huang, Zongcai Tu, Ying Jiang, Hui Xiao, Qiuting Zhang, Hui Wang

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2012,51(5), 926-932

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