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State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of Nanchang University is a joint declared program by both Nanchang University and Jiangnan University which was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in April 2007, established in September 2007 and accepted in January 2010, and successfully passed the final evaluation procedures of the Ministry of Science and Technology in March 2011. This is the only national State Key Laboratory in the field of Food Science and Technology.

Surrounding the national development strategies, following the latest trend in the worldwide food science and technology research field, taking advantage of the synergy of multiple disciplines and Sino-German collaboration, aiming at achieving the goal of “food science and human health, high value utilization of food resources”, the State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of NCU developed researches in 4 areas which are food processing and component modification, food safety inspection and control, bio-manufacturing of food ingredients and additives and principles and applications of food processing technology. Through the systematic study of the major theories and key technologies in the food science field, we have gradually established new theories and new methods in the food processing process control system, thus providing both theoretical and technical support in solving major issues involving food safety and people's livelihood.

The laboratory gathers the best talents from food-related subjects at Nanchang University with the famous experts and scholars as its academic team which consists of members of Chinese Academy of Engineering,members of Academic Degree Commission under the State Council, members of Agriculture and Forestry Department under Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Education, members of “Project of hundred-thousand- and ten-thousand talents of the new century”, academic leaders from State Key Discipline as well as a group of young researchers and doctors returned after studying abroad. Most of the academic leaders are young researchers. The age of the professors is basically between 40 to 50,years old, and the associate professors is between 30 to 40 years old. Among these researchers, more than 80% have Doctor’s degree, 45% of them have interdisciplinary background, 65% of them are postdoctors or gained their degrees abroad.

The managerial system of SKLF advocates openness, cooperation, and competition. SKLF encourages collaborations between its members as well as with scientists in related fields across the campus, the country and the world. The goal of SKLF is manage to reform, encourage innovation, integrate resources, strengthen services and standardize management in order to form a normal, ordered, characteristic and high-level management and operation mechanism. Such efforts would ultimately transform current SKLF into one of the most influential centers that produces the best food scientists, conducts cutting-edge basic and applied fundamental research, and hosts major global meetings, conferences, and workshops.


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