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1) Food processing and component modification
The research primarily focused on the stability of food components and functional ingredients during processing and storage, and the influences of physical and chemical changes on food properties, food quality, and human health.

2) Food safety inspection and control
The research primarily focused on the pathogenesis of food-borne pathogens, the development of control strategy for food-borne toxins and the new technologies for rapid detection of pathogens and toxins in food.

3) Bio-manufacturing of food ingredients and additives
The research primarily focused on the bio-manufacturing processes of food ingredients and additives, utilizing biotechnology approaches including bacteria strain screening and reconstruction, fermentation process optimization and control, as well as biocatalysts and biotransformation.

4) The principles and applications of food processing technology
The research team chiefly focused on the basic theory and application of novel food processing technology, including modernization of Chinese traditional foods, maintenance and synergism of nutrients and function factors, utilizations of novel resources and technology, and manufacture of novel foods.

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